Where's Waldo in Sherwood starts July 1st!

This July Waldo will be hiding in 25 businesses around Sherwood. Have fun visiting local businesses and collecting stamps, then turn in your passport at MudPuddles and you'll be eligible to win prizes. We'll be doing weekly drawings to give away Waldo Books and a big drawing on Monday, August 1st where we'll be giving away fabulous prizes donated by the 25 participating businesses. You can print your own passport and get started, or pick one up at a participating business (including MudPuddles, of course). We'll be displaying the donated prizes at MudPuddles all month - so be sure to stop by and check them out! Check out the passport for all the details!

Here are just a few of the prizes:

$50 Gift Card to Handel's and Ice Cream Plush

$50 Gift Card to Paws for Elegance and Dog Plush

Gift Bag of Farm Themed Toys from Graham & Tooze 

Ocean Themed Kids Basket from Meadowlark Mercantile

Month Free Tae Kwon Do Classes for New Students at Musa Martial Arts

Play Vacuum from Starks Vacuum

Be a Puddler for the Day from MudPuddles


Please note: Graham & Tooze Farm Store will be closed through the 12th. Feel free to stop by and self serve a Waldo stamp or wait till they reopen.